Leadership Skills

Course Description

The role of a leader starts with a thorough understanding of the team’s needs, aspirations and concerns, for which it is important to have excellent listening and facilitation skills. Most importantly, it starts with a thorough understanding and congruence of the value systems of all parties. Hence, this is an integral part of executive leadership training as it is of critical importance to have self-awareness to lead and manage other people.
Leadership Skills training increases the capacity of employees to be successful in leadership roles of any company. Senior management of companies usually enable execution of an organization’s strategy by leveraging the joint capability of the team. This training will help organizations to prepare the employees who have the potential to take up managerial roles in future. They can also differentiate between the good, fair and excellent leaders.    

Course objectives

After successful completion of this course, candidates should be able to:

  • Know about the different leadership styles or behaviors and their significance and uses in the hour of need;
  • Recognize the leadership traits in themselves;
  • Learn to lead in the most conflicting and stressful situations;
  • Create amicable relationships to meet professional objectives;
  • Apply the most apt leadership style to handle a situation efficiently and matching the personal leadership style with organizational goals and needs;
  • Distinguishing between management and leadership;
  • Sharpening interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Making wise and prompt decisions;
  • Handling work load effectively;
  • Developing analytical skills and ability to keep an eye on the things going around;
  • Encouraging and motivating team members.

Whou should attend?

  • Managers/Senior Executives across different functions;
  • Star Performers in the organization who wish to fast track their carrier;
  • Entrepreneurs/Self Employed Professionals;
  • Decision Makers irrespective of levels in companies.


  • Upon completion of the training, the participants will be awarded with a certificate by Baker Tilly Academy.
  • Course Language:  Azerbaijan
  • Course Duration: 16 hours

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