Effective Sales Techniques

Course Description

Sales training provides techniques that assist people in effective preparation for meeting probable clients, in having more productive sales conversations, in handling hostilities and in smoothly closing a deal.
In today’s highly dynamic and competitive market, all companies are looking to grab larger market share. As customer is always the king, it is important to find out how sales personnel highlight the features and benefits of their products/services they sell. This is a core element of our sales training program.
This training aids in sharpening the selling skills of even qualified sales people by showing them to how to take advantage of opportunities which ensures aggressive business expansion.

Course objectives

After successful completion of this course, candidates should be able to:

      • Develop sales mindset and attitudes that drive commitment to sales target;
      • Understand the roles of a salesperson and the consultative sales approach;
      • Map sales cycle  with flexibility to buyers’ process and purchase behaviours;
      • Qualify prospects and existing customers for new business opportunities;
      • Plan for successful sales calls with an objectives in mind;
      • Create positive first impression and sales conversation;
      • Articulate compelling product value proposition to buyers’ unique needs;
      • Sharpen active listening and questioning skills for customer discovery,  solutions fit,  and stronger relationship;
      • Use of voice, vocal, visuals and verbal to control sales dialog and influence closing;
      • Overcome sales objections with closing techniques;
      • Nurture and engage prospects/customers for more selling opportunity and deeper relationship;
      • Adapt communication styles that fit individual customers’ styles for closing business opportunities faster.

      Who should attend?

      • Sales professionals who want to take their sales to the next level by no longer selling, but rather by developing mutually beneficial relationships with their clients;
      • Sales Professionals, who are frustrated with the quality and quantity of sales they manage to generate with their current sales methods and time habits;
      • Team who want to improve selling skills;
      • People to optimize their ability to positively influence their customers;
      • People who want to become more productive and maximize the quality and quantity of sales and output they manage to achieve within their available time;
      • Teams who want to learn how to use people’s positive emotions to help them make sales decisions;
      • Sales professionals who want to learn how to develop a better understanding of their markets and clients;
      • Sales professionals who want to improve their presentation skills and face to face contact with their clients;
      • Sales professionals who want to develop a winning sales strategy to become a sales superstar;
      • Sales professionals who want effectively close more sales with their clients.

      Topics we will cover:

          • Sales strategy and technology;
          • Preparation for sale;
          • Phase of communication;
          • Tips for managing telephone conversations;
          • The stage of studying customer needs by SPIN method;
          • Presentation stage of the company's products;
          • Response to customer objections;
          • Completion of sales;
          • Complex negotiations and disputes with the client;
          • Increasing effectiveness in negotiation in various situations;
          • Accompanying significant customers.


              • Upon completion of the training, the participants will be awarded with a certificate by Baker Tilly Academy.
              • Course Language:  Azerbaijan
              • Course Duration: 16 hours
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