Business Valuation

Course Description

Understanding company valuation is a key competitive advantage and fundamental for any corporate investment decision making. This course explores the basics of business valuation, including how businesses are valued, how equity is valued, and how the enterprise is valued. Participants will learn the main methods of valuation, their strengths and weaknesses, and when to apply each. 

Course objectives

After successful completion of this course, candidates should be able to:

        • Learn how to analyze the historical financial position of company for the business valuation purposes;
        • Understand valuation approaches and their application;
        • Forecast of Financial statements and Performance of the company Risk analysis.    

        Who should attend?

        Valuation Professionals and Finance professionals from Bank Collateral Management, Underwriting and Risk Management units.    
        Note: In order to participate in this course the person should have knowledge in business strategy, accounting and financial management. 

        Topics we will cover:

            • Historical financial position and performance: Historical financial position and performance analysis; Business Strategy;
            • Determination of Equity Value: Income Approach; Market Approach; Cost Approach;
            • Forecasting Financial Performance: The CAPM Model; Forecasting the Balance Sheet; Forecasting the Income Statement; Cost to Income Ratio; Non-interest income; Return on Equity; Forecasting Risk Weighted Assets and Regulatory Required Capital.    


                • Upon completion of the training, the participants will be awarded with a certificate by Baker Tilly Academy.
                • Course Language:  Azerbaijan
                • Course Duration: 22 hours
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