Labor Code

Course Description

This training is based on the labor legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It reflects the system of labor legislation of the country (if necessary, the civil service legislation), the requirements arising from it, the establishment of labor relations, formalization, and practical interpretation of human resources. It also teaches the basic rights and obligations of the employee and the employer, labor function, working hours and its regulation, labor contract, its types, preparation, documentation, termination of the contract. During the training you will be able to carry out the theoretical and practical work in the enterprise by obtaining the necessary information and experience on labor legislation and personnel management.

Who should attend?

  • Human Resources Specialists or Senior Specialists;
  • Individuals working in the management of a small business or organization.

Topics we will cover:

      • Concepts of Labor Law and parties to labor relations;
      • Labor contract;
      • Documentation in personnel management;
      • Temporary execution of other labor functions;
      • Labor book and rules of its preparation;
      • The concept of working time and rest time;
      • Vacations and Procedures for their Registration;
      • Basis for termination of employment contract and details of termination documentation (Part 1);
      • Basis for termination of employment contract and details of termination documentation (Part 2);
      • Labor and performance discipline and its registration;
      • General concept about Vacations;
      • Employee insurance and the documentation issues related with this;
      • Reports and forms used in personnel management.    


          • Upon completion of the training, the participants will be awarded with a certificate by Baker Tilly Academy.
          • Course Language:  Azerbaijan
          • Course Duration: 24 hours
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