Customer Service

Course Description

The Customer Service training focuses on giving employees the precise set of attitude, soft skills and knowledge that are key to creating delighted customers. This training program helps participants to exceed customer expectations through consistently providing exceptional service. In order to achieve this, it is important to ask yourself some questions:

  • Does your staff have the right skill sets to deliver exceptional customer service?
  • Currently how to they develop good customer service skills?
  • Is there a plan to continuously improve customer service?
  • Is the voice of the customer given the necessary priority?
  • Does your staff have the essential communication skills to deliver exceptional customer service?
  • Can they communicate and listen effectively to uncover the customer’s true needs?
  • Do they understand the importance of internal customers?    

The training will help you:

      • To highlight the importance of service standards and their impact on a customer’s experience;
      • To help your team to think in a customer-centric way;
      • To explain service language and its importance in communicating with customers;
      • Prepare your group to handle demanding customers and difficult situations;
      • Offer suggestions for managing service-related stress.

      Course objectives

      After successful completion of this course, candidates should be able to:

          • Describe exceptional customer service;
          • Identify the benefits of great customer service;
          • Recognize barriers to the delivery of outstanding customer service;
          • Adapt to specific customer behavior styles;
          • Demonstrate how to measure customer-satisfaction levels and take corrective action if needed;
          • Use techniques for dealing with angry or upset customers;
          • Develop a personal action plan to improve customer-service skills.    

          Who should attend?

          This program is for people who work in customer service field and want to make a significant contribution to their company’s image or bottom line and make their own lives easier by consistently providing exceptional service.


              • Upon completion of the training, the participants will be awarded with a certificate by Baker Tilly Academy.
              • Course Language:  Azerbaijan
              • Course Duration: 16 hours
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