How to write a Business Plan

Course Description

The number one mistake people make in starting a new business is that they fail to write a business plan. Without a written set of plans and directions, a new business will struggle on many levels. You may find yourself struggling with small things that have simple solutions and for which the answers are easy to implement. But if your plan is not written, then you don't have a clear vision in a very literal sense of the word.
A well written business plan takes time, patience, detail, research, and a right approach to presentation. This course will walk you through the process of writing your business plan. You will learn why certain details are vitally important, which parts of your business plan can make or break your finance query with investors, and how to sharpen your public presentation of your company and its business.
You will also learn some writing tricks to help you create a polished written plan without necessarily having to hire someone to write it for you. At the end of this course, you should have enough information to make a well informed effort in writing your business plan. 

Course objectives

After successful completion of this course, candidates should be able to:

  • Write business plan that contains winning business strategies;
  • Create a strong business model for businesses like: Local services, freelancing services, e-commerce, affiliate, self-branded businesses, and innovative start-ups;
  • Step-by-step walk-through for writing each section of a business plan;
  • Learn master business planning concepts like the cash flow statement, ratio analysis, planning and strategy implementation.    

Who should attend?

        • Anyone who is a first-time entrepreneur writing the first business plan;
        • Anyone who wants to create a right strategy before starting their business;
        • Entrepreneurs who need a business plan to help them raise money;
        • Anyone who  is starting an e-commerce business, local business, affiliate business, self-branded business, innovative start-up, mobile app, B2B business, service business, or a home-based business with one or two people.

         Note: In order to participate in this course the person should have knowledge in business strategy, accounting and financial management. 

        Topics we will cover:

            • Idea: Idea to win;
            • Industry and Market Place Analysis: Marketing Plan; Operations plan;
            • Creating a strategy: Marketing Strategy; Operations Strategy; Development Strategy;
            • Financial Plan: P&L forecast 5 years; Cash Flow Forecast 5 years; Cash Flow Forecast 1 year , per month; Ratio Analysis;
            • Presentation: Investor pitching techniques.    


                • Upon completion of the training, the participants will be awarded with a certificate by Baker Tilly Academy.
                • Course Language:  Azerbaijan
                • Course Duration: 30 hours
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